Mr. R.'s Science Music Videos

Measurement SongsMeasurement song
Metric System Song
12 Inches in a Foot!
3 Feet in a Yard!
Measurement Song: 5280 Feet in a Mile
Thermometer/Temperature Song (Fahrenheit)
Thermometer/Temperature Song Celsius
Plants and Trees Songstrees-trees-trees song
seed song
Cactus Song
Photosynthesis Song
Head & Shoulders Tree Song
Deciduous Tree Song
Physics SongsGravity Song
Magnetism Song
Conductors and Insulators Song
ChemistryDissolve Song
Animal SongsPenguin Song
Bat Song
Human AnatomyBones of the human body song
Human heart song
Digestive system song
Respiratory system song
Parts of body song
Left and Right song
Biology and Life Science SongsButterfly Metamorphosis song
Nocturnal Animal Song
Diurnal Animals Song
Hibernation Song
Omnivore Herbivore Carnivore Song
Food Chain Song
Predator and Prey Song
Migration song
5 Senses Songs5 senses song
5 senses song: sense of taste
5 senses song: sense of hearing
5 senses song: senses of sight
5 senses song: sense of smell
5 senses song: sense of touch
Season Songs4 Seasons Song
Fall Season Song
Winter Season Song
Spring Season Song
summer season song
Solar System/Astronomy SongsPlanet Song
Solar Eclipse Song
Earth Science SongsVolcano Song
water cycle song
3 types of rocks song
Calendar Songsdays of the week song
days of the week song 2
months of the year song
24 hours in a day song
365 days in a year song
telling time to the hour song
telling time to the half hour song
telling time 60 minutes in an hour song
Mapping/Geographycardinal directions song
50 States Song 1
50 States Song 2
Position Songs/Early LearnersUp and Down Song
Left and Right Song
Color SongsColor Song