Deciduous Tree Poem

fall tree cartoon
A bouncy, baby, black-striped skunk,
cartoon skunk
Saw a leafless brown tree trunk,
tree cartoon
Daddy, daddy, tell me please,
Why certain trees have no leaves…
Some trees are bare,
Very bald,
All their leaves,
Have felled and falled…
fall leaf with colors
Daddy skunk,
Took a look,
skunk cartoon
Opening his science book,
book cartoon
Says right here,
Plain to see,
Deciduous…a type of tree…
Trees whose leaves will drop and fall,
Is what they’re called…
fall tree cartoon

Watch Mr. R.’s Deciduous Tree Song

Watch Mr. R.’s Tree Song

What is a deciduous tree?

Deciduous trees are trees that lose their leaves during certain parts of the year.

In temperate regions, it is common for leaves to drop in the fall and winter. In tropical areas it is common for leaves to fall in the dry season.

Trees drop their leaves so they use less water (water evaporates from leaves) and also to survive through harsh seasons.

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