Measurement Song

tape measure cartoon

My new ruler, it’s bright blue,
It measures me, and it measures you,
Measures length, and width and height,
My super ruler is all right!


Measurement, is fun for me,
Just come and try, and then you’ll see,
Find the height, or weight, or temp,
My favorite thing is measurement!


I got a scale, to stand on,
And it weighs dad and it weighs mom,
It tells me pounds, or kilograms,
it tells my weight, it’s just so grand!


I got a glass, Thermometer,
Tells me each day’s temperature,
Celsius or Fahrenheit,
My thermometer’s outta sight!

How hot is it?
Use a thermometer
How long is it?
Use a ruler
How heavy is it?
Use a scale!
How much time did it take?
That’s the Stopwatch!
How hot is it?
Read the degrees
How long is it?
Read the inches
How heavy is it?
Read the pounds
How much time did it take?
Read the seconds

Rulers help me measure things
How much I’ve grown or lengths of strings,
Measures inches and feet too,
Just like the foot that’s in my shoe!


Scales, scales, are real cool,
My class has one we use at school,
Weighs in ounces, or in pounds,
Tells me when weight goes up or down!


Thermometer, checks cold or hot,
Like the one my doctor’s got
Might (they) measure air, or measure seas,
Measures temperature in degrees!


Mr. R.'s World of Science