Elephant Poem

It’s so big,
It’s so grand,
The biggest thing to live on land!
elephant cartoon
Will use its trunk to smell and eat,
To rip off branches,
Taste so sweet!
tree cartoon
A herbivore,
Plants and fruits,
Won’t hunt meat,
But might like roots!
Flapping ears,
Like birdie’s wings,
bird cartoon
Used for fans,
fan cartoon
And hearing things!
Has a very,
Special nose,
Kind of like,
A garden’s hose…
hose cartoon
Trunk holds water,
Like some sinks,
Sprays in mouth,
To get wet drinks!
And if you look,
Lined up in rows,
You see toenails,
But not its toes!
Elephants have,
Thick gray skin,
Both Asian and the African!
Two types exist,
Can walk at birth!
Biggest mammal,
Roaming Earth!
elephant cartoon


Elephants are the largest existing land mammal, often weighing more than 15,000 pounds (6,800 kg).
There are two types of elephants- African and Asian. African elephants have larger ears, and both the males and females have tusks, while only male Asian elephants have tusks.

Both species are herbivores and use their trunks and tusks to tear food from trees or from the ground to eat. Adults eat up to 300 lbs (140 kg) of vegetation every day.

Elephants have no natural predators, but are often hunted by humans for their tusks and meat. Because of this, they have the status of being an endangered species.

Let’s do what you can to protect these amazing animals!

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