Penguin Poem

penguin cartoon
A penguin pretending to know how to fly,
Flapped her two flippers and soared through the sky…
Found a tall tree, and perched in the breeze,

tree cartoon
Far from the white ice that made her feet freeze…
ice cube cartoonFlying is cool, no wonder birds do it,
I’m a bird too, so I shouldn’t poo-poo it…
We penguins flap flippers,
So small on our sides,
Why don’t we wave wings,
To fly the blue skies?

She flew yet again, a beautiful sight,
Flipping and turning, first black and then white,
Out in the sun, flying was fun,
She thought every penguin should fly like she’d done…
She flew to a hot spot,
Strong sunshine did beat,smiling sunMolted some feathers to deal with the heat,
She looked kind of bare,
But she didn’t care,
She flapped her short flippers,
And returned to the air!
But after a while,
She missed her cool home,
She missed the cold ice,
She missed the sea foam…
arctic background cartoon
She flew to the south,
Right past the equator,
earth with equator
Realized the cool air,
Made her feel greater…
She slid on her belly,
To where penguins did toddle,
She bounced right back up,
And started to waddle…
Slipped into the ocean,
And now she knew why,
Her two penguin flippers,
Did help her to fly!
To fly in deep water,
Down low and up high,
Just like she’d soared,
Across the blue sky…
penguin cartoon

Watch Mr. R.’s Penguins Science Video

What is a Penguin?

Penguin are flightless birds that primarily live in the Southern Hemisphere.
Penguins wings have evolved into flippers which let them swim quickly in water.
Penguins eat mostly food that they catch in the seas (fish, krill, squid, etc.)
Penguins can drink salt water.
Penguins have a thick layer of feathers that keep them warm and also catch air to help them stay buoyant in the water.
Penguins typically have white bellies- this makes them harder for predators, such as sharks to see when they are swimming in the oceans. Their black backs make them hard to see from above.
The largest species of penguin is the Emperor Penguin which grows to be about 3.5 feet tall (1.1 meters)
The smallest species of penguin is the Little Blue Penguin which stands at about 16 inches (40 cm) .

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