Cactus Poem

cactus cartoon
Never kiss a cactus,
It really hurts your lips,
lips cartoon
Never kiss a cactus,
It’s one of Momma’s tips!
Never hug a cactus,
It’ll hurt too much,
Those spiny little cacti,
Aren’t good to touch!
finger cartoon
Today I kissed the cactus,
cactus cartoonIt wasn’t good to do,
Now my lips are aching,
lips cartoon
I won’t be there at school!
school cartoon

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What is a cactus?

Cacti are plants that have adaptations to survive in dry, hot environments.

Instead of broad leaves, they have spines that prevent the evaporation of water into the atmosphere (Due to the lack of leaves, photosynthesis is usually performed by the stem of the plant).

The spines also help protect cacti from herbivores and other animals.

Cacti are succulents and can store water inside of their bodies.

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