Ligament Poem

 human skeleton
What connects my bones together?
Asked the student in the sweater,
Teacher said, and laughed, and laughed,
It’s crazy glue and argon gas!
crazy glue
The student frowned,
And groaned some groans,
There’s no glue that holds my bones!
Teacher said,
Yes, you’re right,
Glue could come undone at night,
Your body wouldn’t have a form,
Just like ice cubes, when it’s warm!
Does any student know the truth?
What makes bones unlike a tooth?
What connects bone to bone?
Lets you move around your home?
The tissue is called, ligament,
Said a girl named, Sarah Squint,
Ligaments attach our bones,
Like fingers type out texts on phones,
And just like clouds,
Bring rainy weather,
Ligaments hold bones together!

What are Ligaments? 

Ligament is connective tissue that connects bones to other bones to form the joints of our body.

Ligaments do not connect bones to muscles, which is a job reserved for tendons.

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