Evaporation Poem

I poured some water,
water faucet cartoon
It was fun,
Stuck the jar, in the sun
sun with sunglasses
Checked the water the next day,
Now listen close to what I say…
Water’s gone!
It was strange,
It was weird…
empty jar cartoon
Called my mom,
Called my dad,
Where’s my water?
This is bad!
Parents looked,
No surprise,
With a twinkle,
In their eyes,
eyes cartoon
Parents told me,
“We’re afraid,
Water vapor’s,
What you made!
Yes your water,
Changed its state,
Turned to vapor,


The process in which a liquid becomes a vapor without reaching its boiling point.

Evaporation only occurs from the surface of a liquid, as opposed to boiling which affects the entire mass of the liquid.

Evaporation is an important part of the water cycle. This cycle describes how Earth’s surface water evaporates into the air, condenses, and then returns to Earth in different forms of precipitation.

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