Human Bones Poem

thief cartoon
Last Thursday, a bone thief entered my home,
house cartoon
Came to my room, and stole my arm’s bone…
bone cartoon
“Give me my bone back!” I screamed at the thief,
“I need my arm’s bone, like a branch needs a leaf!
 leaf cartoon
I use all my bones,
To keep me alive!
I need 206!
Not 205!
Give me my bone,
It’s calcium rich,
When I’ve got a big ball game,
I need bones to pitch!
baseball cartoon
Give me my bone back!”
I yelled at the thief,
He finally gave in,
What a relief…
He gave me my bone back,
And left without harm,
Now all the right bones,
bone cartoon
Are in my right arm…
skeleton cartoon

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What are bones?

Bones are rigid tissues that make up the skeleton of the body.
Bones play many roles in the functioning of the body. Some of these are supporting and moving the body, protecting internal organs, producing red and white blood cells, and storing minerals such as calcium.
The human adult has 206 bones, while a human baby is born with 270 (which fuse over time).
The largest bone in the human body is the femur (the thigh bone), and the smallest are the ossicles which are found in the middle ear and enable hearing.

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