Gravity (physics) Poem

Oh, Gravity,
Oh, Gravity,
You’re always such a gift to me,
gift cartoon
You’re the force,
That holds me down,
Assure I never,
Leave the ground!
balloon cartoon 
But when I fall,
Not what I need,
You pull me down,
With too much speed!
32 feet, per-second-squared,
I’m falling fast, and feeling scared!
emoji scared cartoon

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What is gravity?

Gravity is the force of attraction that occurs between any two objects that have matter. Every time we fall, drop something, or jump up and down, we are experiencing the force of gravity. It is what pulls things down to Earth.

Without gravity, everything would float up into the atmosphere. That said, without gravity, there probably wouldn’t be an atmosphere because the planets would not orbit the Sun (Nor would the moon orbit the Earth).

Gravity is a complicated concept that has been studied by some of the greatest scientists in history such as Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein.

In general, the greater the mass of a body, the more gravitational force it exerts. That is why if you were standing on Jupiter, a planet with a greater mass than Earth, you would weigh more- as a matter of fact, two and half times more! (Jupiter. Not a good place to weigh yourself if you’re on a diet!).

The gravitational force of Earth would make a falling object accelerate at 9.81 m/second squared (if there is no resistance).

gravity formula

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