Caterpillar Poem

There was a giant caterpillar,
More than ten-feet long,
tape measure cartoon
Chomped whole trees instead of leaves,
It really was real wrong!
Yes that creeping caterpillar,
Really was a trooper,
Wrapped itself, with a tent,
And made a huge green pupa!
When it hatched,
We were so shocked,
What we saw was this…
An airplane size butterfly,

From the chrysalis!

What is a Caterpillar?

Caterpillars are the larval forms of butterflies that hatch from butterfly eggs.

Caterpillars go through a metamorphosis inside a chrysalis as they change into butterflies.

A cocoon is a silk case usually made by the larva of moths and other insects, while a chrysalis is the hard skin of a caterpillar in which it will morph into a butterfly

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