Matter Poem

I ate solid matter,
It made me feel fatter,
‘Cause matter takes space or has mass…
My stomach was hurting,
It filled up with something, 
More matter of phase we call gas…
I drank some more matter,
Some type of cake batter,
Thick liquid poured from a cold cup,
My stomach then shifted,
Filled up by this liquid,
My stomach felt fit to blow up!
I lay down in my bed,
To rest my poor head,
My body was hurting a lot,
I shouldn’t have eaten so many things,
My stomach was really all shot!
My Mom asked the question,
How goes your digestion?
It looks like you swallowed some glass,
“Matter’s the matter,”
Not wanting to chatter,
“My stomach’s filled too full of mass…”

What is Matter?

Although a true definition of matter is always up for debate, the common definition states that matter is anything that takes up space and has mass.