Peninsula (landform) Poem

It isn’t an island surrounded by sea,
Attached to the land is how it should be!
Surrounded by water, but only 3 sides,
Just like the state where Miami resides…
florida map
Small or quite large,
Like curled up Cape Cod,
Might be a sweet place for fish hooks and rod…

Peninsulas sit,
In the sea and its sand,
Stick out into water,
But attached to the land!

What is a Peninsula?

Peninsulas are strips of land that project into a body of water. Unlike islands, they are connected to a larger piece of land.
The largest peninsula on Earth is the Arabian Peninsula, and countries, such as Italy, Malaysia and Singapore are located on peninsulas.

Florida is a peninsula that is connected to the mainland United States, and Cape Cod is a cape (which is a type of peninsula) that is connected to the coast of Massachusetts.