Reptile Poem

alligator cartoon
My mommy caught a gator,
My daddy yelled, “Oh No!
I don’t like scaly reptiles,
So please just let it go!”
My mommy loved the gator,
But daddy feared its bite,
My daddy said, “I’m leaving,”
Mom kept it overnight…
My mommy kept it happy,
Basking in the sun,
sun cartoon
To warm it’s cold-cold blood,
It used our pool for fun!
swimming pool cartoon
My daddy wasn’t happy,
He feared the alligator,
Every time he saw it,
He said, “I’m swimming later!”
My mommy trained it well,
It learned to tie my shoe,
shoes light blue
But then it grew too big,
We gave it to the zoo!
We visit once a week,
According to the laws,
We can take him walking,
If we tie-up his two jaws…
The sweetest, nicest reptile,
We bring him gifts and cake,
We’re happy that its front teeth
Have no venom, like a snake!
snake cartoon
My daddy likes him now,
In his habitat,
But he got a gift for mom,
A little furry cat!
bobcat cartoon

What is a Reptile?

Reptiles are cold blooded vertebrates that have scaly skin. 

Since they can’t keep themselves warm, they need to use the sun or cool places to help regulate their body temperatures.

When it gets too cold, reptiles slow down their body processes- this is called brumation (similar to, but not the same as hibernation)

Reptiles have scaly, dry skin, while amphibians have moist skin with no scales. Amphibians need moist environments. Some amphibians are frogs, toads, salamanders, and newts. 

Reptiles include snakes, crocodiles and alligators, turtles, and lizards. 

Fun Fact: Birds are most closely related to reptiles, and some biologists would even say birds are reptiles!

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