Basic Needs Poem

Air, Food,
ice cream sundae
Shelter, Water,
Basic needs in any order…
Water, Air,
scuba tanks
Basic needs, for every brood…
Food, Water,
glass of water
Shelter, Air,
Basic needs for bat or bear…
Air, Food,
Water, Shelter,
Cold or hot,
Freeze or swelter…
Basic needs,
Of living things,
From tiny ants,
To birds with wings…
tweety bird
Basic needs,
To stay alive!
Without these four,
We can’t survive…

Basic Needs:

The minimum resources living organisms need to survive.
The four needs in this poem (food, shelter, water, air) are considered most basic, but scientists often include others such as the need for space, the ability to reproduce, and the availability of energy such as sunlight.