5 Senses Poem: Smell

emoji nose cartoon
If you smell,
You’ve got a nose,
dog cartoon
I don’t mean smell,
Like stinky toes,
toes cartoon
Your sense of smell,
Is what I meant,
Your nose knows smelling,
It knows scent…
nose cartoon
Nostrils! Noses!
What we use,
For sniffing things,
Like smelly shoes…
shoes light blue
They’ve got nostrils,
Breathe in air,
Except that fish,
Don’t breathe through there!
fish cartoon
Some use noses,
To help in hunts,
Elephant noses,
elephant cartoon
Can do stunts!
Yes noses know,
They’re so swell,
All shapes and sizes,
Let things smell…

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The nose is the organ responsible for the sense of smell (or olfaction).

Fish have noses and do possess a sense of smell, but breathe through their gills, not their nostrils.

Dogs have a highly developed sense of smell. It is believed dogs can smell anywhere from 1,000 to 10,000 times better than humans.

Elephants have a very special nose- it makes up part of their trunk, which they can use for many purposes including eating, protection, and for sucking up water that they can spray into their mouths or over their bodies.

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