7 Continents Poem

earth cartoon
A daring blue dolphin,
dolphin cartoon
Swam quickly to go,
Continent counting,
He took his friend Joe…
dolphin cartoon
I’ll count every continent,
Those near and those far,
‘Cause I never remember,
How many there are!
Are there 6 or 7? Or 2 or 3?
How many continents,
Are found in Earth’s seas?
They first rounded Africa,
Gray elephant’s home,
elephant cartoon
Ghana and Kenya,
Where lions did roam…
They swam north to Europe,
Where castles are best,
And then North America,
From Quebec to Key West…
South America soon,
With Peru and Brazil,
Then took a long swim,
Through a freezing cold chill,
Antarctica’s ice,
ice cube cartoon
Saw the south pole!
And then on to Asia,
From China to Seoul…
Australia followed,
Saw a cool kangaroo,
kangaroo cartoon
How many continents,
Had dolphin been to?
Dolphin counts 7,
On his continents list,
He’s says they’re all special,
None should be missed!

What is a continent?

Continents are large land masses found on Earth.
While there are many large land masses, such as Greenland (which is the largest island), only 7 of these land masses have been labeled as continents. These are:

North America
South America

There is no set rule for determining what a continent is. For instance, in some countries, students learn there are only 6 continents (with North and South America counting as one, or Europe and Asia counting as one)

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