Redwood Tree Poem

I went to climb a redwood tree,
redwood tree cartoon
The highest parts I couldn’t see,
Climbed up quickly anyway,
California coast and bay,
I got dizzy from the height,
Looking down was quite a fright…
emoji scared cartoon
Never meant to climb that high,
Soaring branches in the sky…
Everything twirled and swirled,
Tallest trees in the world…

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redwood tree

What is a Redwood Tree:

Giant redwood trees are the tallest in the world, and they are native only to California.

Redwood trees can grow to heights of over 370 feet and can live as long as 2000 years!

A tree called the General Sherman Tree is the largest living thing in the entire world! It is actually a giant sequoia tree (in Sequoia National Park) which is a tree that is closely related to the giant redwood.

The tallest actual Redwood tree (not sequoia) is growing in northern California and it is called Hyperion. It measures almost 380 feet tall! Scientists don’t give out the exact location because they are afraid too many tourists will come see it and damage its fragile ecosystem.

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