Spring Poem

buds on a branch
Spring has sprung!
It’s sprang! Sweet spring!
Sweet sweet springtime,
Sweet sweet spring!
Bursting buds,
White waterfall,
Warmer weather,
Trees grow tall,
Young ones, everywhere,
Birds and bees,
Take to air,
Earth is tilted toward the sun,
Spring is here,
Spring has sprung!



What is Spring?

In springtime, the days increase in length and temperatures get warmer.
At the spring equinox, days and night are both about 12-hours long.

Many plants and trees bloom in the springtime- buds that have formed in the previous summer burst to life after waiting through the winter.

Many young animals are born during springtime so they can take advantage of the warmer temperatures and abundance of food.

Springtime occurs on the portion of the Earth that is tilted towards the sun. As one hemisphere tilts towards the sun, another tilts away, so when it’s spring in the northern hemisphere, it’s fall in the southern hemisphere.

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