Respiratory System Poem (anatomy)

Tell my story,
After I breathe O-2,
Then exhale air and go prepare,
This story I’m telling to you…
To breathe it’s a breeze,
We all need to breathe,
Animals, insects, and fish in the seas!
mouse cartoon ant cartoonfish cartoon
Air through our mouth,
Or in through our nose,
Down through our trachea,
That’s how it goes!
Through bronchial tubes,
Into the lungs,
For body to use,
Like ladders use rungs…
ladder cartoon
Alveoli come next,
Cool little sac,
Like ravioli and cheese,
ravioli cartoon ravioli cartoon ravioli cartoon
They deliver a snack!
Oxygen to blood,
They’re really quite nice,
Remove C-O-2,
They’re all working twice…
When we exhale,
It lets humans speak,
music cartoon
Moves vocal cords,
To sing or to squeak…
Respiration is cool,
It’s not very shoddy,
It’s a really great system,
Found in our body…

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Respiratory System:

The respiratory system is the system the body uses to get oxygen from the air.
The oxygen gives cells the ability to produce the energy they need to live.
Air enters the respiratory system through the mouth and nose and it travels down the trachea and bronchial tubes to the lungs. Inside the lungs, the air is sent to millions of air sacs called alveoli. These alveoli pass the oxygen from the air into the blood stream and also remove the carbon dioxide from the blood stream to be exhaled back into the air.

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