Neptune (the planet) Poem

neptune cartoon
I’m Neptune,
I’m last!
It’s not really fun,
Now I’m the farthest,
So far from the sun!
smiling sun cartoon
I don’t want to be last,
To bring up the rear…
telescope image
Pluto was last,
But she disappeared!
pluto cartoon
I don’t want to be last,
There used to be 9!
But now number 8,
Is ‘end of the line,’
Last for dessert,
ice cream caertoon
Last for my snack,
Last for my dinner,
Unless Pluto comes back!
I don’t wanna’ be last
It’s never too fun,
My name is Neptune,
I’m 8th from the Sun…
neptune cartoon

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What is Neptune?

Neptune is the 8th planet and is now considered the most distant planet from the Sun (after Pluto was unceremoniously demoted to dwarf planet status).

Neptune has the longest orbit of any planet- one orbit of the Sun takes Neptune 164 years! I’m afraid if you lived on Neptune, you would never even make it to one year old!

Neptune is the fourth largest planet, and has a mass 17 times that of Earth. Neptune is one of the gas giants (along with Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus), and like Uranus is mostly gas and ice.

Don’t bring your swim suit to Neptune- it’s a chilly place and one of Neptune’s 13 moons, Triton, is the coldest object ever to be measured in the solar system (-391F)(-235C).
Neptune has a blue color, but is never visible to the naked eye.

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