Lightning Poem

lightning cartoon
I think I’m scared,
I know I’m scared!
I’m crazy, super-duper scared!!
emoji scared cartoon
Bolts of lightning,
Streak the sky,
Flashing, crashing,
Makes me cry!
lightning cartoon
Now I’m screaming,
Why oh why?
Has to fly!

What is lightning?

Lightning is a huge electric spark that forms in the atmosphere.

The sound lightning makes as it travels through, and heats air is called thunder.

Lightning can travel at speeds up to 140,000 mph (220,000 km/h) and can reach temperatures of up to 54,000°F (30,000°C).

Although lightning is usually formed in clouds that contain ice particles, it can also form in clouds of ash that are spewed from active volcanos, or in clouds of dust that are released into the atmosphere by forest fires.

There are millions of storms that produce lightning over the Earth every year, but your odds of getting hit by lightning is low. That said, it’s super-important to stay safe during lightning storms. It is always best to be indoors, but if you’re outdoors, stay out of any water, and stay away from trees, poles, and other tall objects.

Discuss lightning safety with your local authorities for more info!

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