Oxygen Poem

Oxygen’s useless,
Is what I would say…
I’ll hold my own breath,
I’ll hold it all day!
snorkel cartoon
I don’t need that gas,
It’s so overrated,
I can live without air,
Is just what I stated…
(But then)
My face turned to red,
red face emoji
And next it turned blue,
blue face emoji
My muscles got tired,
Had dizziness too…
Finally, finally,
I think I passed out,
‘Cause I had a bad dream,
Heard oxygen shout,
Of your fresh air,
I make 20%
And I’m so important,
A gas element!
periodic table with title
From fish,
fish cartoon
To plants,
plant cartoon
It’s life that I give,
Living things need me,
They need me to live!
So do me a favor,
Breathe deeply for me,
Stop holding your breath,
‘Cause oxygen’s free!


Oxygen is the third must abundant element and is essential in the respiration of living organisms.

Oxygen is produced by plants, algae, and bacteria during photosynthesis, and along with hydrogen, it is the one of the elements that make up water.

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