States, States, States- 50 States of the USA Song


States, states, states,
‘You hearing what I say?’
States, states, states,
They make the USA,
States, states, states,
All 50 that’s the way,
States, states, states,
Let’s say them all today!

Alabama then Alaska,
The way we start today,
Arizona, Arkansas,
4 states start with A
California, Colorado,
2 that start with C
Now let’s connect Connecticut,
Cause 2 + 1 is 3!
Delaware, Florida, Where sunshine shines terrific,
Georgia then Hawaii, It’s out in the pacific

Idaho to Illinois,
Then 2 more I’s to say,
Indiana, Iowa,
No states begin with J!
Kansas and Kentucky,
Where bluegrass is all right
Louisiana, Big Easy,
Where jazz is played all night

M for Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan,
When they say that sate,
The mid-west is the place I’m in…
Minnesota, Mississippi,
A state that says ‘spells easy,
M-i-s-s-i-s-s-i-p-p- I for me
M-i-s-s-i-s-s-i-p-p- I for me
Missouri, Montana,
I counted 8 with M’s,
Now we say the N names,
They’re 8 of those again…
Nebraska, Nevada,
New Hampshire is the 3rd,
New Jersey and New Mexico,
New York is 6th I heard,
North Carolina, North Dakota,
They make it 7 and 8,
Those are all the states with N,
Which one’s your hometown state?
Ohio, Oklahoma, and Oregon are O,
Pennsylvania, Rhode Island,
Make P and R, Let’s Go!
South Carolina, South Dakota,
States that start with South,
Tennessee, Texas,
They’re just pouring from my mouth…
Utah then Vermont,
Virginia with a V,
Washington state’s a state,
Not Washington DC!
West Virginia, Wisconsin,
And now you’re almost through,
The last one is Wyoming
That’s 50 states for you…
The last one is Wyoming
That’s 50 states for you…

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