Force (physics) Poem

Push and pull,
Through friction of course,
To make things move,
You gotta’ use force!
Forces are awesome,
They’re really first-rate,
They get objects moving,
Forces are cool,
They work with a pulley,
pulley cartoon
Don’t use it to fight,
Don’t use it to bully!
bully cartoon
A rocket needs force,
To fly to the moon,
rocket cartoon
A car uses force,
car cartoon
To get us there soon,
A smile takes force,
To show off our teeth,
A wave has some force,
wave cartoon
To move on a reef,
A horse uses force,
To win a horse race,
horse cartoon
Without any force,
We’re stuck in one place!

What is force?

Any influence that changes the motion of an object.

Mr. R.'s World of Science