Mars (the planet) Poem

  mars planet
Martians are coming,
They’re coming right here,
They’re from the 4th planet,
Oh-my and oh-dear!
Their planet looks reddish,
From iron oxide,
What should we do?
Shall we run, fight, or hide?
Their planet’s named Mars,
Half of Earth’s size,
But the Martians are giant,
Have lasers for eyes!
laser pointerlaser pointer
Martians are here,
A fact we can’t hide,
They came in a spaceship,
A long, long, long ride!
But news is now out,
From Fiji to France,
Martians are friendly,
They came here to dance!

What is Mars?

Mars is the fourth planet from the sun.

NASA has determined that Mars still supports water on its surface (depending on the season.)

It is often called the red planet because iron oxide on its surface gives it a reddish color.

A year on Mars, or one complete trip around the Sun, also takes Mars about twice as long as Earth- 686 days.

Mars has similar seasons to those we have on Earth (because its axis has a similar tilt as Earth’s), except that the seasons last about twice as long.
Mars has two moons:

Check out Mars’ fascinating moons!
Deimos                                  Phobos
mars moon deimos mars moon phobos

In the coming years, NASA and other groups will send new rovers to Mars to gather more information. 


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