Archipelago (landform) Poem

hawaii map
A greedy old pirate,
With treasure to measure,
Found a small island,
And hid it with pleasure…
palm trees
“Wow!” said the pirate,
Scratching his boot,
One island won’t do,
I have too much loot!
One island won’t do,
In seas calm or rough,
I’ll need a whole chain,
To hide all my stuff…
palm treespalm treespalm trees
A whole chain of islands,
You wanted to know,
They’re known by a name,
A whole group of islands,
Stick up from the sea,
For treasures and me…

What is an archipelago?

An archipelago is a group of islands.

There are many archipelagoes found in the seas of Earth.
Some archipelago nations are Indonesia, Philippines, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom.