Archipelago (landform) Poem

When One Island is Not Enough!

hawaii map
A pirate and parrot,
Went out to go measure,
An island, to check it could hold all their treasure!
palm trees
“Wow!” said the pirate,
Scratching his boot,
One island won’t do,
I have way too much loot!
One island won’t do,
In seas calm or rough,
I’ll need a whole chain,
To hide all my stuff…
palm treespalm treespalm trees
A whole chain of islands,
You wanted to know,
They’re known by a name,
A whole group of islands,
Stick up from the sea,
For treasures and me.

What is an archipelago?

An archipelago is a group of islands.

There are many archipelagoes found in the seas of Earth.
Some archipelago nations are Indonesia, Philippines, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom.