Butterfly Metamorphosis Poem

Tiny egg on teeny tree,
Teeny, tiny egg you see…
caterpillar egg on leaf
Teeny, tiny, insect egg,
Hatched a tiny,
Thing with legs…
fuzzy orange caterpillar
And that tiny, furry mound,
Took a little look around,
What’s that furry, crawling thing?
Here’s the answer,
Here I sing…
From an egg,
Eating leaves,
Gets well-fed…
Eats a heap,
Finds a quiet place to sleep…
Larva covered,
Just can’t miss,
In a real cool chrysalis…
Inside changes,
Did occur,
Yes sir!
I wait and wait, and wait, and wait,
It turns to something really great…
One day I see,
With my eye,
This beautiful butterfly…

What is Butterfly Metamorphosis:

During its lifetime, a butterfly goes through a complete metamorphosis.

It starts as an egg which hatches into the larval form- the caterpillar.

The caterpillar eats and grows until it has enough energy to move into its pupal stage- making a chrysalis.

Inside the chrysalis, the caterpillar goes through its metamorphosis and eventually emerges as a butterfly.
The butterfly mates and lays new eggs to start the life cycle over agai

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