Carnivore Poem

      Delicate Dan,
A cool carnivore,
Caught chickens,
And chipmunks,
alvin and chipmunks
And cheetahs, and more…
stuffed cheetah
But Dan refused to eat meat,
His rule to the end,
Took his prey home,
And called them all friend…
It was always a party,
There in the trees,
They lived on fresh milk,
chocolate milk in glass
On honey,
honey combs
And cheese…
slice of cheese
Dan never ate meat,
But liked to bake cakes,
Like freshwater fish,
Enjoy life in deep lakes…
Dan never ate meat,
And never he shall,
His prey’s what he loved,
They were always his pal…

What is a Carnivore?

Unlike Dan in the poem, a carnivore is an animal that eats a diet consisting of meat from other animals. Most carnivores, such as lions, or sharks are predatory animals.

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