Cumulus Cloud Poem

cloud cartoon
When I was just a little lad,
A goofy little guy,
I saw a cushy cotton ball,
Floating in the sky…
cloud cartoon
Why’s that puffy cotton ball,
Up above our heads?
It reminds me of the fluffy-puffy,
Pillows on our beds…
Pillow Cartoon
My mother smiled slightly,
And without a lot of fuss,
Said, “Those aren’t cotton balls,”
They’re clouds called cumulus…
cloud cartoon

What are clouds?

Clouds are visible masses of liquid or frozen water that float in the Earth’s atmosphere (other planets can have clouds too).

When clouds become saturated through an increase of water vapor or the cooling of the air, the water falls in different forms of precipitation like rain, sleet, or snow.

There are many types of clouds, some of the major ones are:

Cumulus Clouds- these look like balls of cotton and have clear edges.
Cirrus Clouds- these are thin and wispy and are sometimes compared to strands of hair in the sky.
Stratus Cloud- these clouds that form in thin layers. They often look like fog, can cover the entire sky, and block the rays of the sun.

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