Water Cycle Poem

cloud with rain cartoon
Water travels,
Round and round,
water cycle cartoon
From the sky,
To the ground,
In a cycle you can’t see,
Water comes to you and me!
Evaporation is a start,
But really make up just one part,
From sea to sky,
Vapor floats,
But leaves enough to float in boats!
In the sky,
Water cools,
Forming clouds,
cloud cartoon
Like fish form schools,
fish cartoonfish cartoonfish cartoonfish cartoonfish cartoonfish cartoon
Condensation makes it dense,
Like dollars have one hundred cents!
dollar bill
Then it falls, precipitation!
It’s like group participation…
Rain and hail,
Sleet and snow,
Water falls,
Plants can grow…
plant in soil
Fills up lakes, and streams, and seas,
We can drink it as we please,
Water used to brush our teeth,
water faucet cartoon
Water wets the coral reef!
Water, water, what we need,
We need water to succeed,
And water cycle keeps it fresh,
Water cycle, you’re the best!
Umbrella Cartoon

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What is the water cycle?

The water cycle enables Earth to maintain a constant amount of water. Yes, the Earth has been using the same water over and over again for millions of years! This is because water travels ‘around and around’ in what’s known as the water cycle.

These are the basic principles of the cycle:
The sun causes water to evaporate and travel into the air in the form of water vapor.
In the sky the vapor cools and condenses to form clouds.
Eventually, the water falls back to Earth in different forms of precipitation (rain, snow, sleet, hail).

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