Food Chain Poem

Who eats what?
Who eats who?
Who eats me?
Who eats you?
Food chains show what things eat,
What eats plants,
Who eats meats…
huge sandwich
Starts with sun,
Producers grow,
They make food,
Don’t you know?
Consumers come for energy,
Eat those plants.
Quite tasty!
Maybe food chains,
Make you squirm,
When things eat things,
LIke birds eat worm…
A shark seen eating,
Other fish,
That eat seaweed,
As their dish…
A fox will hunt,
Nothing new!
Eats a mouse,
And rabbits too…
But who eats fox?
Food chain shows,
A wolf? A bear?
How nature goes!
Food chains say,
What eats who,
Who eats me,
And what eats you!

What is a food chain?

Food chains describe which organisms get their energy from which other organisms in an ecosystem.
Producers, such as green plants and algae get their energy from the sun and make their own food.
Consumers eat producers (such as a rabbit eating grass), but can also eat other consumers (a fox eating the rabbit).
When living organisms die, they are broken down by decomposers such as fungi, and the nutrients are returned to the soil where they can support the growth of producers.

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