Antarctica Poem

antarctica cartoon
The continent,
Where Aunt Sue flew,
airplane cartoon
A land of ice and snow…
Took a plane and then a boat,
You shoulda’ seen her row!
“No one’s here!”
When she got there,
Is what she had to scream,
All this snow, and ice, and cold,
ice cube cartoon
No place that sells ice cream?
ice cream caertoon
She looked around,
All was white,
Nothing seemed alive!
This place is really barren,
It’s no place to survive!
Then she saw a penguin,
Waddle in the snow,
penguin cartoon
She asked the Emperor Penguin,
Where she oughta’ go…
The penguin looked around,
And thought about a goal,
Then the penguin screamed out,
Go visit the South pole!
south pole cartoon
The coolest place around,
The coolest place to be,
When you’re in Antarctica,
It’s something you should see…

What is Antarctica?

Antarctica is one of Earth’s seven continents.

98% of Antarctica is covered in ice that is at least 1-mile thick!
The average winter temperature is -40 to -94°F (-40 to -70°C). It also has the coldest temperature ever recorded on Earth (-129° F) (-89 °C) Bring an extra jacket if you plan on visiting.

Antarctica is considered to be a desert because it gets very little precipitation.

Nobody lives permanently in Antarctica but there are up to 5,000 scientists who work in research stations around the continent.
Almost no vertebrate animals live in Antarctica although there are many types of small living organisms such as midges, krill, and lice.

Penguins, and other birds do inhabit Antarctica. Some stay year round, while others only migrate to Antarctica for breeding purposes.

Seals, whales, and other marine life are found in the waters that surround Antarctica (Southern Ocean).

Antarctica, unlike the Arctic region in the northern hemisphere is land covered with ice, while the Arctic region is primarily frozen ocean that is covered with ice.

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