Hydrogen Poem

hydrogen atom
Hydrogen’s screaming,
I’m number one!
I got fewer protons,
Than helium
We’re both really light,
We both float in air,
balloon cartoon
But I’m combustible,
Like poppa’s arm hair!
fire cartoon
Elemental abundance?
I’m always the most!
In our whole universe,
Just let me boast…
Don’t give me more protons,
I like my light weight,
Atomic number’s 1!
And 1’s really great!
Periodic table?
I sit in first place!
trophy cartoon
I’m not really stable,
But that’s no disgrace…
I’m the first,
And 1’s really fine!
I’ll be number one,
Until the day I combine!

What is Hydrogen?

Hydrogen has an atomic mass of 1, and has 1 proton and 1 electron- it is the first and lightest element on the periodic table, and its symbol is “H”.

Hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe, although it is rare in its elemental form on Earth. (Stars are mainly composed of Hydrogen in its plasma state).

Hydrogen gas was popular for getting blimps and balloons to float, but because of its flammability it could be extremely dangerous. Helium has replaced hydrogen as the gas of choice for balloons and blimps, as it is light enough to give lift, but does not burn.

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