Rain Poem

It was a special day,
Bear Town’s county fair!
But clouds filled up the sky,
And chill did chill the air!
Bear Town’s Mayor Bear,
Stated really plain,
I’m sorry that I have to say,
I think it’s gonna’ rain!
sad bear cartoon
The clouds are really full,
They’ve darkened up the sky,
Rain will visit this year’s fair,
Humidity’s so high…
But I’ve devised a plan,
A plan that might just help,
A group of big brown bears,
Gave a hopeful yelp…
He gave the bears some straws,
They took them wouldn’t you?
Then Mayor Bear instructed them,
“This is what we’ll do…
We’ll blow air through the straws,
To move the clouds away,
And we’ll be left with clear blue skies,
On this amazing day!


What is rain?

Rain is liquid precipitation (water) that falls from the sky.
Rain happens when water vapor in the sky condenses (forming clouds). When the water vapor in the clouds is heavy enough to fall, it returns to Earth in raindrops.

Rain, and other forms of precipitation such as snow and hail, are an important part of the water cycle, and they provide a constant supply of fresh water to Earth.