Mesosphere Poem

3rd layer of the atmosphere,
Coldest in the sky…
thermometer cartoon cold
31 miles up,
Too high for planes to fly…
And meteors make a mess,
It’s where most disappear,
meteor cartoon
Vaporizing into gas,
In the mesosphere,
A meteor made it through?
Don’t rely on luck,
Once they pass this quite cold layer,
It might be best to duck…

What is the Mesosphere?

The mesosphere is the third layer of Earth’s atmosphere.
It is situated above the stratosphere, and below the thermosphere.

The mesosphere is located between 50 km and 100km (31-62 miles) above Earth’s surface.

It is the coldest part of Earth’s atmosphere with temperatures reaching as low as −100 °C (−148 °F).

In the mesosphere, temperatures decrease as altitude increases.

The mesosphere is at a higher altitude than airplanes can fly, and lower than satellites can orbit- because of this, it is the least understood layer of the atmosphere.

Most meteors vaporize in the mesosphere as they collide with gas particles. Those that make it through to Earth are called meteorites.

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