Savannah Biome Poem

I arrived in an African grassland,
A Savannah I didn’t have doubt,
It’s the place where my small airplane landed,
airplane cartoon
Right near a goat’s sniffing snout…
goat cartoon
Stationed somewhere in south Kenya,
Animals pranced all around,
So many live things were around me,
Flying or walking the ground…
Giraffe next to rhino and zebra,
Giraffe Cartoonrhino cartoon 
Roaming with antelope too,
antelope cartoon
I saw an oversized ostrich,
ostrich cartoon
Like the ones that I see at the zoo
zoo cartoon ,
The trees, they weren’t too tall here,
And grass was growing here too,
I guess it’s quite good for green nibbles,
The kind that some herbivores chew!
grass cartoon
A gazelle, and a super fast cheetah,
cheetah cartoon
A beetle was crawling quite large,
dung beetle cartoon
I saw a great lion out hunting,
lion carrtoon
It seemed like it was surely in charge…
Some hippos were splashing and playing,
hippo caertoonhippo caertoonhippo caertoon
In rivers under blue sky,
This place is so cool and exciting,
I don’t want to tell it good-bye!
It’s certainly sweet, this savannah,
A great place to wander and roam,
So many things running out free here,
So many things call this place home!
african background cartoon

What is a savannah?

A savannah is a type of grassland.

The trees in the savannah are spaced out and sunlight is readily able to reach the Earth (unlike a forest).

Savannahs generally have seasonal water availability- hence many animals in the savannah regularly migrate to areas where water will be abundant.

Savannah makes up approximately 20% of the Earth’s surface with the largest Savannah being on the continent of Africa.
Different types of savannah exist around our planet. These include temperate savannahs such as the ones found in the great plains of the United States, and Mediterranean savannahs that are characterized by mild, rainy winters and hot, dry summers, such as the Oak Tree savannahs of California.

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