Winter Poem

tree in winter
I am winter!
Coldest season,
If you’re looking,
For a reason…
Skiing sledding,
Leafless trees,
Skate on ice,
No sign of bees!
The Earth has tilted,
From the sun,
Days are short,
But still such fun…
Put one glove,
On each hand,
Enjoy my winter wonderland!



What is Winter?

Winter is the coldest season and comes after fall and before spring.

Winter is characterized by having the longest nights and shortest days.

In the northern hemisphere (such as in the United States), winter comes in December and lasts through March, while in the Southern Hemisphere (such as in Argentina), winter is between June and August. This occurs because the two hemispheres of the Earth are tilted towards/away from the Sun at opposite times during the Earth’s orbit.

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