Mercury (the planet) Poem

mercury planet cartoon
Venus! Listen!
Listen quick!
Please go help,
Your sweet sidekick!
Pass him sun-block!
sunscreen cartoon
Can’t you see,
The sun’s too close to Mercury…
sun cartoon
Jupiter Dear? It’s your mother,
jupiter cartoon
Make some shade for your brother!
Mercury’s way too hopping hot,
Your shade will really help a lot!
Saturn grab your dark sunglasses,
sunglass cartoon
Every time the sunlight passes,
Mercury’s feeling such a fright,
Scared that he will lose his sight!
eyes cartoon

Planet Mercury, looked quite sad,
He was really feeling bad…
I don’t want to be a bother,
To my siblings or my father,
But I’m so close to the sun
smiling sun cartoon
And that’s not always too much fun…

What is Mercury?

Mercury is the planet that is closest to the sun and it is the smallest planet in the solar system (Now that Pluto is considered a dwarf planet).

It takes Mercury 87.9 Earth days to orbit the sun and it rotates once every 58.6 days. It is one of the four rocky planets (along with Venus, Earth, Mars) and it has no moons.

Although Mercury is closer to the sun than Venus, Venus still has hotter average temperatures, but Mercury is no slouch when it comes to heat. Temperatures can get as high as 800 degrees (426 C ) on its surface. Things can also get quite chilly on Mercury, with temperatures dipping to -250F (-156 C).

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