Chicken Egg Poem

A chubby chicken laid no egg!
chicken cartoon  
Slept all day and night instead!
Slept through sun,
smiling sun cartoon
Slept through rain,
cloud with rainLaying eggs is such a pain…
Don’t wanna’ make an egg or yolk,
I’d rather sleep or hear a joke,
I won’t create a smooth egg shell,
I’d rather sleep, can’t you tell?
But chubby chicken, soon awoke,
Felt an oval give a poke,
chicken egg cartoon
An egg I made, and I feel fine!
Now I’ll lay eggs all the time!

chicken cartoon

Chicken Eggs:

An egg is a structure in which an embryo begins to develop. Almost all birds, insects, reptiles, and fish have eggs that develop outside of their bodies.

The chicken eggs we eat are generally unfertilized, which means chicks will not grow inside of them.

If a chicken egg is fertilized, it takes about 21 days before the chick hatches.

Some hens can lay up to 300 eggs every year!

They yolk of an egg is not a baby chicken (as your big-brother might tell you), but is the high protein food that will help a chicken embryo grow into a chick inside the egg.

The albumin, or ‘egg white’ helps protect the yolk, and also provides some nutrition for the embryo.

The chalaza are two twisted strands that keep the yolk of the egg in place. Chicken eggs have one on each end.

The egg shell is the hard covering that protects what’s inside the egg. Although it is solid, gasses can pass through tiny pores.

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