Epiphyte Poem

tree cartoon
Old tree told to epiphyte,
I’m really not the type to fight…
I’m very happy where I stand,
I like my roots to grow in land…
‘Epi’ frowned a leafy frown,
Said I’d never touch the ground,
I like my roots to hang in air,
I get my water straight from there…
I guess that’s why you live on me,
Said the wise old earthbound tree,
You’re an air plant, epiphyte,
And that’s ok, that’s alright,
I’m stuck with you,
You’re stuck to me,
We’ll both agree to disagree…

What is an epiphyte?

Epiphytes or ‘air plants’ are plants whose roots get their moisture and nutrients from rain and air.

Epiphytic plants do not have roots that grow in the ground and are usually found growing on parts of other trees.

Mosses, orchids, bromeliads and ferns are examples of plants that can be epiphytes.

This common orchid is an epiphyte!

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