5 Senses Poem: Sight and Eyes

I need my eyes,
So I can see,
I don’t have 5 eyes,
5 eyes
Or 1 eye, or 3…
3 eyes
Just 2 eyes on my face,
funny glasses
It seems to be a common place,
For eyes to sit,
On animals,
From frogs, to fish,
From bears, to gulls…
2 eyes,
1 face,
That’s a match,
But really here’s,
A little catch…
Spiders see,
With 8 bug-eyes,
And here’s another eye surprise,
Scallops have the most eyes of all,
More than 50,
They must observe all!
But I’ll stick with 2 eyes,
They’re fine to see,
Having 2 eyes is perfect for me…

What are Eyes?

Eyes are the organ of sight in most animals. They detect light and convert it into signals the brain can process.

There are many different types of eyes that work in different ways. Raptors (birds of prey) have eyesight that is up to eight times as strong as the eyesight of a human. They may see a rabbit that is a mile away.

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