Diurnal Animal Poem

 giraffe sleeping under moon
Momma! Momma!
I’m nocturnal,
I’ll stay-up through the night…
She shrugged and said,
You’ve made your choice,
I’m in no mood to fight…
I stayed up past 11,
And then past 12 midnight,
My eyelids felt real heavy,
A tired, bleary sight…
At 1AM I fell asleep,
Although I tried and tried,
I guess my body has a clock,
alarm clock
Somewhere deep inside…
I woke up in the morning,
I saw mom’s friendly face,
She told me I’m diurnal,
Like all the human race…

What is a Diurnal animal?

Diurnal animals are animals that are active during the daylight hours and sleep at night.

Although humans can train themselves to stay up through the night, it is natural for us to sleep at night and be awake during the day.

Many nocturnal animals, (animals that sleep during the day and stay up at night), have adaptations that let them function in the dark.

For example, the tarsier, a primate from the Philippines has the largest eye to head ratio of any animal- these large eyes help them see better at nighttime when they are active.

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