Autotroph Poem

   Autotrophs, autotroph,
Can’t buy bread in a loaf…
bread cartoon
Can’t buy candy,
Won’t cook peas,
Can’t chew pizza,
Or Swiss Cheese…
cheese cartoon
Producing food for energy,
Bacteria, plants, and green algae…
bacteriaisland and palm treealgae
Feed the world,
Feed you and me,
It’s autotroph’s ability…
Feed the birds,
bird cartoon
Feed the bees,
bee cartoon
Producers feed you and me!
Autotrophs, autotroph,
They don’t buy bread in a loaf…


Autotrophs are organisms that can produce their own food.
Examples of autotrophs are green plants and algae which make food through photosynthesis.

Autotrophs play the role of producers in the food chain and are essential to the survival of all animals (consumers).

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