Air Poem

balloon cartoon    A mix of many types of gasses,
Clear as Grandpa’s prune juice glasses!
juice cartoon juice cartoon juice cartoon
You can’t see it, but it’s here,
It’s something one and all must share!
It’s really, clearly our fresh air!
Rely on air?
I suppose…
snorkel cartoon
You suck air up,
Through your nose!
nose cartoon
Breathe it in,
Breathe it out,
We use fresh air,
To talk or shout!
Oxygen and hydrogen,
The blowing breeze,
wind cartoon
That cools our skin!
Lets us live,
Lets things burn,
fire cartoon
Used by fishes,
fish cartoonfish cartoon
Frog or fern…
cartoon frogfern
You can’t see it,
But air’s here!
Makes up Earth’s atmosphere…
earth cartoon

What is air?

Air makes up the Earth’s atmosphere, which is a layer of gasses that surrounds the planet.

Air is something we don’t see, but we can’t live without. All living organisms need air to survive. It is one of the basic needs for life.

The air around Earth is made up of many different gasses. The types of gas that are most abundant in Earth’s atmosphere are nitrogen, oxygen, argon, and carbon dioxide.

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