Helium Poem

helium atom  
Teacher screamed real loud at class,
“Someone stole a glass of gas!
 jar cartoon
Drank it down, I can tell,
Right before the lunchtime bell…
french fries cartoon
Atomic Number?
That’s a 2,
Stealing gas and glass jar too!
Just who did it?
Wait and see,
I’ll catch the thief,
That you’ll see…
thief cartoon
The second lightest element,
A fact that is significant,
To catch the thief,
I’ll tell you why,
‘Cause HELIUM can make things fly!
balloon cartoon
After time,
I have a feeling,
You’ll see thief floating on the ceiling…
One more thing,
There is no choice,
Helium will change your voice,
So sorry thief,
You’re outta’ luck,
You’re the one who’s talking duck!
helium atomic symboldonald duck

What is Helium?

helium atomic symbol
Helium is a colorless odorless gas that has an atomic number of 2.

It is the second lightest element and also the second most abundant in the universe (after hydrogen).

Because it is lighter than air, and inflammable (unlike quick to burn hydrogen) it is currently used in balloons and airships to give them lift.

Helium is used as a coolant for super conducting magnets- especially those found in MRI machines.

When helium is inhaled, it temporarily raises the pitch of your voice.

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