Mitosis Poem

plant cell cartoon
I had a pain in every cell,
My body didn’t feel too well,
Doc’ requested I lie down,
He looked, and then he frowned a frown…
“Ok, my guy,
Let’s try mitosis,”
Doctor said, my diagnosis,
“Isn’t COVID or psychosis,
Isn’t measles or sclerosis,
Isn’t flu or scoliosis,
Isn’t called tuberculosis!
Cells are splitting, one to two,
It’s how you grow, it’s what they do,
Not like falling, when you’re skating,
ice skating penguin cartoon
Painless! they’re regenerating!
Cells must split, they must divide,
Never causing pain inside,
Every minute, constantly
Divide in two so painlessly,,,
MIllions? Billions?
No, there’s Trillions!
Inside babies, and civilians,
Cells that split apart each day,
Without it we would waste away,
Mitosis how our own cells split,
A must for living, I must admit,
Not disease, and not a sickness,
Cells are splitting with quick quickness,
Making daughter cells to live,
A gift your body likes to give!
So go and run, and go and play,
You’re absolutely fine today!”
mitosis phases

What is Mitosis?

Mitosis is the process in which chromosomes are replicated and a cell splits into two identical daughter cells.

Among other things, Mitosis enables plants and animals to grow, to replace old cells, and to heal.

In humans more than 2 trillion cells undergo mitosis and divide every day!

Fun Fact: Humans lose 30-40,000 skin cells every MINUTE!

Mitosis has 4 major phases:

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