Mr. R.'s Earth Science Poems!

Earth Scienceair (suck me up through your nose!)
antarctica (the coldest place on Earth!)
climate: (weather, you like it or not!)
earthquake: (tectonic plate)
equator: (and the silly little ladybug)
everest: (the highest mountain on Earth!)
3 types of rocks: (igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic)
volcano: (magnificent magma)
water cycle: (keeping it fresh)
Biome Poemsalpine: (what's at the top of the mountain?)
desert: (hot or cold, they're always dry)
rainforest (tropical): (forest floor, understory, canopy, emergent)
savannah (african): (A special type of grassland)
tundra (arctic): (Aunt Sue lives in a block of ice!)
Landform Poemsarchipelago: (when one island's not enough!)
continents: (are there 6, 7, 8, or 9?)
island: (water's all around me)
isthmus: (miss wishfish gave me an isthmus for christmas!)
peninsula: (starts with a pen but not filled with ink!)
strait: (links up two bodies of water)
weather poemsclouds: (too bad they can't talk...)
cumulus clouds: (cotton in the sky)
humidity: (a bad hair day for spider!)
hurricane: (lotsa' wind, lotsa' rain!)
lightning: (why does electricity have to fly?)
rain: (you just can't blow it away!)
wind: (dude called wind blew through town)
4 seasons poemssummer: (trees and bees)
fall: (winged things fly south)
winter: (skiing, sledding, leafless trees)
spring: (spring has sprung)
summer ACROSTIC poem: (summer sizzles)
fall ACROSTIC poem: (floating, falling leaves are flying)
winter ACROSTIC poem: (my freezing cold toes!)
spring ACROSTIC poem: (great to be here in sweet spring!)
Earth's atmospheretroposphere: (where weather lives)
stratosphere: (my fear of falling)
mesosphere: (meteors make a mess)
thermosphere: (a strange place to play)
exosphere: (the final frontier)
tendon: (connects our muscles to our bones!)
respiratory system: (trachea, lungs, alveoli)
teeth: (hardest part of our body)
vein: (I know I'm the best)