Covalent Bond Poem

water molecule with 2 hydrogen and an oxygen
 I think this info is quite salient,
Bonding’s strong when it’s covalent…
Covalent bonding?
That’s team-playing!
Electron sharing,
What I’m saying!
Atoms forming molecules,
molecule cartoon
Electrons bonding,
Them’s the rules!
Covalent bonds,
Are most stable,
Like four legs,
Of a table…
table cartoon
Share your things?
Yeah, you should!
Covalent bonds, show sharing’s good…
emojis sharing an umbrella

What is a covalent bond?

Covalent bonds are bonds that occur between atoms in which electrons are shared.

The water molecule shown in the poem’s image, has two hydrogen atoms covalently bonded with an oxygen atom.

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