Island (landform) Poem

island sun palm tree cartoon

I was swimming to an island,
In the deep blue sea,
A shark was chasing something,
A shark was chasing me!

I swam a whole lot faster,
I thought that shark was rude,
It thought I looked like breakfast,
It thought I smelled like food!
french fries cartoon
Speeding up my swimming,
Cruising through the sea,
The shark was doing something,
It was catching up to me!
island sun palm tree cartoon
Island was real close now,
I saw it in my sight,
I reached that little island,
Before shark took a bite!
Now Islands are quite special,
Surrounded all around,
By nothing but wet water,
water faucet cartoon
The middle has safe ground!
I climbed up on the island,
Just like I thought I oughta’
The shark was swimming nearby,
Out there in the water!

But now I have a problem,
Can you guess what it might be?
The only way to get home,
house cartoon
Is by swimming in the sea!
And shark is out there waiting,
And sharks they love to eat,
But can’t it chew on something,
That doesn’t have two feet!
toes cartoon
To get home from this island,
I think it’s best to float,
To get myself home safely,
I better build a boat!
cartoon sailboat

What is an island?

An island is a piece of land that is surrounded by water (although the continents themselves are not considered to be islands).

Although islands appear to be floating, they are actually the top part of land forms that are sticking out of water.

Greenland is the largest island on Earth and many other countries such as Jamaica, Cuba, and Singapore are based mainly on one major island.

Other countries such as the Philippines, Indonesia, Japan, and Fiji are spread over a large group of islands. Small, low elevation islands are sometimes called keys or cays and are formed from sediments deposited on coral reefs.

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